Document Management

Whether it’s organising policies, procedures, minutes or case notes, document management plays an integral part to supporting business administration, governance and stakeholder communications. Our document management module provides your business the flexibility to access and control content from within Figtree Systems, streamlining your transition to a paperless office

Integration with Figtree Systems Software

Figtree's document management provides an end-to-end user experience for retrieving, updating and saving important documents. The system supports your existing business process, while removing reliance on cumbersome, difficult-to-maintain filing systems.

Real-time, Content Collaboration via the Cloud

The solution comes preconfigured with robust system validation to strengthen governance over content control and provides single source of truth to document versioning. Record owners are able to determine which users are able to access, review or approve documents, with further limits applied based on organisational structure.

By enabling business users to manage documents from a real-time cloud environment, Figtree Systems document management module strengthens collaboration, reduces approval cycles and ensures that important resources are up to date, accurate and readily accessible.