The Challenge

Ausgrid supplies one-fifth of the Australian electricity market and serves a community of almost three million people. The organisation's fleet management arm oversees a fleet of 2,500 vehicles and plant items, consisting of everything from sedans and trucks to drill rigs and trench diggers. The fleet forms part of the infrastructure behind the organisation's electricity distribution, and is core to the design, construction and maintenance of major electricity systems, substations and wires.

Ausgrid formally known as Energy Australia was formed as a result of the 1995 merger between Sydney Electricity and Hunter Valley-based, Orion Energy. Prior to the merger, Sydney Electricity had retired an in-house developed mainframe fleet management system and moved to a LAN / WAN based system to rationalise its costs.

Figtree Systems Solution

After evaluating several packages, the decision was made to implement Figtree Systems Fleet and Asset Management Software. "The information management capabilities of Figtree Systems were a definite drawcard." quoted Garry Walsh, Fleet Manager, Ausgrid.

Figtree Systems Fleet Management Solution enables Ausgrid to track a vehicle from the point of order, right through to disposal.

Providing a fleet management tool across every business unit, The Fleet Management System receives data from Ausgrid’s service suppliers, such as tyre and fuel costs. This information is formulated into end of month billing reports for vehicle users.

Users can access information on a vehicle's history, fleet usage and analyse running costs. Figtree Systems Fleet Management Software also maintains and tracks data on registration details.

"Working with an Australian software developer is a big advantage, as we are assured of having the best level of support at our fingertips," said Mr Walsh.


Figtree Systems Fleet and Asset Management Software is linked to Ausgrid’s external insurance company, giving Ausgrid access to the current status of a claim. The Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) plug-in enables statutory or actual cost methods to produce FBT returns.