Safety Management for Commercial Bank

The client, a renowned banking and financial services provider, was seeking an enterprise-wide WHS Solution that provided unified risk, safety and incident management. Already an existing user of Figtree Systems, the solution needed to integrate with the client’s existing Workers Compensation Claims Management Application for end-end workflow and business management.

Business Challenges
  • Lacking uniform approach to risk management between different business units

  • Inconsistency in describing risk context, risk, consequence and controls

  • Difficulty tracing data records from controls to corresponding risk and consequence detail

  • Difficulty in providing uniform risk-ratings approach between various business units

  • Risk solution needed to be responsive to dynamic and evolving risk contexts

  • WHS and Worker’s Compensation Claims were to be managed from a single data repository

Solution Highlights
  • Standardised record categorisation via a library of Risks, Consequences and Controls

  • Implemented a common risk matrix against which risks are rated in terms of likelihood and severity

  • Enable system-driven reminders to review Risk-ratings and Controls across evolving contexts

  • Consolidated Claims, Risk and WHS Records into an integrated management system

  • Enabled greater collaboration between WHS and Claims Management functions

  • Ability to manage volume events, hazards, and controls

  • Simple user interface for non frequent users

  • Simple control and risk mitigation processes

  • Scheduled reporting capability

  • Provided system access according to roles and security type

  • Master control library

  • Compliant Regulatory Returns for Worker’s Compensation