Village Theme Parks

The Challenge

As Warner Village expanded its operation over time it was evident a common IT solution was required. An enterprise implementation approach was preferred over a piecemeal roll out.


Key requirements included:

  • The ability to undertake a uniform approach to risk management across multiple sites
  • Method of implementation and support
  • Platform flexibility that could accommodate changes
  • Web deployment
  • A hierarchical user view and access structure

Experience with similar projects and having a local office made Figtree Systems the obvious choice.

Figtree Systems Solution

The solution enabled multiple sites to have common navigation and formatting for recording incidents, claims and hazard identification. Historical data sources were migrated to the new solution.

Figtree Systems software features enable personnel to manage their portfolios end to end including diaries, letters, emails, dashboard alerts and reminders.

First level support is via a centralised Help desk. Knowledgeable consultants service queries that are 'ticketed' and prioritised if not immediately resolvable and service scheduled.


Implementing Figtree Systems software made Village legacy systems redundant, resulting in proven cost savings, improved productivity and greater operational insight.