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Despite significant investments in technology and innovation, many claims management businesses rely on manual processes and fragmented data to manage their daily operations. Faster claims processing on the other hand lowers costs and improves the perception of your brand.

Bringing over 3 decades experience in claims management solutions, coupled with our enterprise BPM technology and consultancy services, we offer a managed BPM service to improve the integration and processing of claims activities online.

Onmi-channel engagement

In the digital age, claims activities that were once handled by a centralised call centre, now occur across multiple channels online. Claimants expect to lodge claims at any time, via email, mobile, desktop and over the phone. By creating self-service tools for claimants and service providers, claims businesses are able to improve their service response, co-manage claims processes and reduce pressure on their call centre operations.

Going paperless

Any claims operation which relies on paper-based filing and document processing is likely to be slow, costly and result in poor customer service. By integrating your claims with our paperless office capability, our bots are able to automatically monitor your email intake, read and store digital files, extract data and perform manual data entry processes for standard documents, such as claims forms and invoices – helping fast-track your digital service delivery.

Connecting data

Properly harnessing data can be a huge undertaking when core systems are isolated from the applications and touch points accessed by policy holders and service providers. Using a common BPM platform, we can help unlock value from your core systems, consolidate customer data, integrate SaaS applications and remove the silos that create road-blocks in your business process and customer experiences.

Workflow orchestration

Integrate your applications and manage workflow across your claims operation. We use a low-code platform to modify and deploy new process sequences, automate business decisions and re-engineer claims processes. This flexibility helps you avoid the pitfalls of costly and time consuming programming and allows you to adapt better to ever-changing customer, supplier and partner demands. 

BPM-driven transformation

As a strategic fit for your organisation’s transformation, our BPM platform provides the technical capability for implementing incremental and targeted improvements, allowing claims organisations to address process bottlenecks, lower costs and speed up their service delivery.

  • Flexible and open architecture: able to transact and exchange data with multiple applications for the coordination of claims activities

  • Low-code platform: reduce time for changes (little programming effort). Insurers can adapt well to the disruptive, fast-paced digital environment

  • Agile workflow: configurable workflow designer to automate repetitive manual steps, model and re-engineer processes

  • Iterative approach: reduce up-front cost through phased implementation, which isolates targeted pain points and process bottlenecks

  • Enterprise connectors: reduce time-to-market with speedy integrations for common systems such as SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft and Oracle

  • Technology extension framework: extend core systems through integrated workflow tools and add on services such as OCR and document management