BI and Analytics Solutions

In today’s competitive commercial landscape, connecting your decision makers to accurate business intelligence is crucial to achieving sustainable competitive advantage. NTT DATA Figtree Systems’ BI and Analytics solution empowers your business with targeted business insights to accelerate strategic and operational decision-making.

Commercial Data Warehouse

The backbone of our Business Intelligence and Analytics solution is our Commercial Data Warehouse, leveraging market-leading technology to deliver a secure and accessible data repository that is scalable enterprise-wide.

Key features include:

  • Strong build quality, leveraging NTT DATA’s technological expertise
  • Tool – agnostic, making it compatible with enterprise-grade business intelligence software
  • Hosted within a secure data centre facility, certified ISO 27001 compliant
  • Ability to aggregate data from disparate systems, such as enterprise, web and mobile
  • Integration with Figtree Systems Software solutions
  • Integration with our Business Rules Management System
  • Legacy data migration services
Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our BI consultants help your organisation make sense of complex data sets by defining, developing and implementing a suite of customised reports. We glean insights from disparate data sources and reduce your administrative burden by automating reporting functions. Working with a range of software vendors, we deploy tailored solutions to assist with data visualisation, trend analysis, performance management, board reporting, and actuarial and risk analysis.