Fleet and Asset Management Software

Figtree Systems fleet and asset management software focuses on proficient administration of fleet and plant equipment. Working hand in hand with the fleet industry has lead Figtree Systems to be acclaimed as one of the best software packages for fleet and asset management.

The ability to easily configure Figtree Systems has made it the preferred choice of government departments, corporations, small to large enterprises and not for profit organisations. Featuring a graphical dashboard, Figtree Systems allows non-technical users to quickly identify anomalies in operational data.

This robust fleet and asset management software improves fleet operating efficiency and contains costs by delivering a fleet management application that is compliant with Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) legislation. It automatically uploads an unlimited number of transactions, reports on any fields and posts financials to the general ledger.

Key Components

Access to all the standard features in Figtree Systems Software Suite and to purpose built Fleet and Asset Management options which include:

  • Fast transaction input.
  • Adjust monthly odometer.
  • Fuel card disk load.
  • Purchase order.
  • Vehicle enquiry.
  • Service type enquiry.
  • Job card system.
  • Fleet management configuration.
  • Vehicle expense optimisation.
  • Meter replacement recording.
  • Driver allocation record maintenance.
  • Context-sensitive 'help screens'.
  • Letter writer with data merge facility.
  • Calculator and calendar.
  • ASCII file integration with other systems.
  • A sophisticated diary facility for entry and recall of servicing maintenance scheduling.
  • Pre-defined fleet and asset management specific reports.





  • Proven track record of stable installations.
  • Highly configurable and works with an individual business or across an organisation.
  • Ability to respond quickly to new circumstances.
  • Web front-end for familiar navigation.
  • Reduces administration expenses through greater control.
  • Uniform vehicle record keeping.
  • Effective management and control of vehicle costs and plant items from acquisition to disposal.
  • Contractually binding FBT compliance.
  • Ability to capture vehicle repairs, maintenance and payments electronically.
  • Vehicle pool management booking system.