Setup and Support

Software Setup

Figtree Systems is an integrated, module-based, software solution that allows you to determine your own business rules and system processes, including:

  • Workflow Management

  • Automated Reporting

  • Generation of Letters and Forms

  • User Access Rights and Security

  • Organisational Structure Alignment

  • Authorisations and Escalations

  • Custom Drop Down Lists

  • Data Uploads

Module Selection

Figtree Systems modular design provides the flexibility to implement low risk solutions to match your desired functionality. Our modules span across multiple disciplines, including Claims Management, Work Health and Safety, Enterprise Risk Management and Fleet and Asset Management.

System Integration

Working closely with your IT department, we are able to establish clean data interfacing with your organisation’s internal and external systems, including General Ledger, HR, Payroll or Web Banking systems, and offer single-sign-on capability for seamless authentication processes.

Legacy Data Transition

Our data migration services ensure your historical records are accessible from within your software solution for reporting and business insights. For businesses involved in claims management, this ensures that any outstanding or reopened claims can be processed from within your Figtree Systems Software after go-live.​

Information Security Management

We have made significant investments to ensure the highest level of information security of our products and services. The data centres we use to host our solutions, as well as our principal offices in Australia and the UK, are certified under the Information Security Management Standard ISO 27001. We perform regular penetration testing of our systems and provide disaster recovery solutions to minimise downtime in the event of an emergency.

Help Desk & Support

Help Desks provide a single point of contact for your software support and configuration needs. Our Help Desks are located in Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and Canada.