Worker's Compensation Claims

Managing worker’s compensation claims and return to work efficiently is crucial to keeping costs down and maintaining a productive workforce. Figtree Systems workers compensation claims management software is designed to support third party claims managers, self-insurers and specialised insurers in managing their worker’s compensation claims online.

Managing injuries and claims online

This claims management software package assists your organisation in capturing employee injuries, managing medical certificates, coordinating return to work, issuing claimant and service provider payments, reporting and regulatory compliance. Highly configurable, the system adapts well to your business rules and reporting needs and functions alongside your existing IT infrastructure for efficient data exchange.

Experience you can count on

Compliance is important. That's why our software solution is continually updated in line with changes to regulatory reporting requirements. We have over 30 years’ experience developing and supporting workers compensation claims management applications and are a trusted provided to self-insurers and claims administrators in all Australian and New Zealand worker's compensation schemes.

Case management

Get workers back to work quicker with a full suite of case management functions, from injury intake to appointments, medical certificates, claims correspondence and notifications, return to work planning, payments, document processing and more. The system allows you to generate letters, email and SMS to assist with coordinating all stages of the claim’s process. 

Benefits and payments

Our solution offers full governance and control over approved benefits, including treatments, amounts approved and closed periods. Provider and claimant payroll details are captured in the system to help expedite payment processes, with all transactions captured and processed at a line item level. 

Tracking performance

Figtree provides a real-time view of your claim’s environment and offers a full breakdown of your reserves, estimates and recoveries. Uncover insights and drill down into the detail with a comprehensive suite of reporting tools that includes live dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and on-demand report generation. Customise and automate your reporting outputs and deliver reports to your email inbox to save time and effort.  


Staying connected

Figtree works alongside your existing IT infrastructure and eliminates duplicate data handling and data entry processes. Our experienced staff have many years integrating our product with enterprise applications and web systems, fast-tracking payments and helping you to link up with payroll and HR systems.  

The cloud advantage

We centralise your data, expand your access and make it easier for you to capture information, track performance and connect users on any device online. Our managed software service gives you unlimited help desk access, automatic updates, 24 / 7 uptime monitoring and optimised maintenance of software patches, security enhancements and system infrastructure. Read more >>  

Getting setup

Moving to a new system can be a daunting task. Thankfully our team has decades experience converting data from third party claims applications, spreadsheets and in-house systems. We carefully configure our solution to meet the needs of your organisation’s preferred security controls, information structure and workflow needs.  

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