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Figtree Systems' policy management software has been designed to service all classes of insurance. The core functionality of Figtree Systems policy management modules is to capture and process insurance policies, underwriting data, premiums, limits, deductibles and values.


A quotation 'engine' allows premiums to be calculated and adjusted using the criteria dictated by your business and risk. A rating system incorporates all factors and conditions and offers the flexibility to ensure that changes to your business environment can be easily adopted.


The production of policy wording, certificates and premium statements is standard with Figtree Systems policy management software, as is the option for customised web pages for capturing data.


Easily analyse all levels of a quote, risk or premium and use the information as a management tool. This data can also be graphically represented to ensure a clear understanding of report data. A correlation exists between the policy record and the associated claim. This provides the user with a real-time understanding of the number of claims made together with reserves, payments and recoveries made.


Access to all the standard features in Figtree Systems Software Suite and to purpose built Life Insurance and Disability Claims Management options which include:

  • Policy

  • Quotation

  • Convert quotation to policy

  • System generate policy statement and schedule

  • Rating system

  • MTA / Endorsement

  • Policy renewal

  • Policy Audit trail

  • User friendly custom report generator

  • User designed workflow

  • Web published system

  • User defined data edit (validation) rules

  • Job processor

  • Diary and task management

  • User security


  • Highly configurable and works with different lines of business

  • Proven installations

  • Web enabled

  • User maintainable rating tables

  • Full policy cycle from quotation to renewal

  • Mid Term Adjustment

  • Full audit trail of Policy history

  • Policy finance of invoice and receive

  • Interface with Figtree Claim management module(s)

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