How long has NTT DATA Figtree Systems been in business?

NTT DATA Figtree Systems has been in business since 1983. It remained a privately owned company for many years and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DATA.

Where is your Head Office located?

Our Head Office is located in Sydney, Australia.

How many people does NTT DATA Figtree Systems employ?

We employ more than 60+ dedicated professionals worldwide and have ongoing working relationships with partners in NTT DATA.

Where is your help desk located?

NTT DATA Figtree Systems provides Software Support and Client Services via Help Desks, located in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada. See contact us page for further details. 

Who is NTT DATA?

NTT DATA is our parent company, whose IT service portfolio includes business consulting, design, implementation and operation & maintenance support. Our solution portfolio extends to Industrial package implementation, SAP, Business Intelligence, Financial Service, Cloud Service and Public infrastructures such as custom clearing, geographical information system and etc. To learn more please visit www.nttdata.com.

Where are your clients located?

We are fortunate to have clients in every state in Australia, Norfolk Island, New Zealand, UK, Europe, North America, Canada, Singapore and China.

What are the largest software systems you have?

We have insurance claims applications where the concurrent user count is equal to 200. We have examples of clients that record in excess of 1000 claims a day in the software.

Can Figtree Systems software manage Workers Health and Safety (WHS) and Workers Compensation using a single interface?

Yes, the WHS and Risk Management modules can be easily integrated with the Workers Compensation system to provide a complete health and safety management system.

What workers compensation jurisdictions does Figtree Systems cover?

All Australian states including Comcare and New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation.

Is Figtree Systems' Workers Compensation Software compliant with the workers compensation legislation in Australia?

Yes, Figtree Systems software is fully compliant with WorkCover regulatory reporting requirements for all State and Federal Comcare legislation. Our maintenance agreement incorporates any updates to legislative changes as required.

What software applications are in the Figtree Systems product suite?

Workers Compensation Claims Management
Work Health and Safety Management
Fleet and Asset Management
Insurance Claims Management
Life and Disability Insurance Claims Management
Underwriting and Policy Management
Enterprise Risk Management

Is the system scalable?

Yes, the application is scalable and is regularly stress tested to 100% in excess of our current maximum user base.

How many users can we have?

Figtree Systems Software is scalable from a single user to enterprise wide applications.

How many active clients does NTT DATA Figtree Systems have?

In excess of 250 worldwide.

Is the system web based?

Yes, our applications are web enabled.

Can we use Active Directory?


Does Figtree Systems interface with other applications and systems (HR, Finance, etc)?

Yes. Our application can interface with enterprise applications. Typically, these include general ledger, web banking, payroll, and document management systems. Please contact NTT DATA Figtree Systems to discuss your requirements.

What language is Figtree Systems Software written in?

Figtree’s native language is Progress, we also provide SQL and Oracle options.

Who is Progress?

Progress Software provided NTT DATA Figtree Systems with the application platform to develop out suite of product. Progress Software (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global software company whose mission is to simplify and enable the development, management and deployment of business applications on premises, in any Cloud, on any platform and on any mobile device. For more information visit www.progress.com

Does Figtree Systems software have workflow capability?

Yes, Figtree Systems has a workflow system that can be configured to automate processes based on the client's requirements.

Does Figtree Systems security allow me to control access to data on the basis of organisational structure?

Yes, Security can be used to restrict / grant access to data for specific users / groups and to restrict data belonging to an organisational unit to only users belonging to that unit.

Does the system require any software to be installed on the user's PC?

Our cloud solutions do not require any software to be installed.

How often is the software upgraded?

Figtree Systems software is subject to a major release every 12-18 months. Minor releases may occur within this cycle.

Where is the Research and Development done for the product?

The research and development for the product is undertaken in Sydney, Australia and the product is distributed globally.

Does the web software operate on all browsers?

Figtree’s web application operates on all common browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE7 and above.