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Despite increased scrutiny over commercial decisions, many large organisations continue to manage risk via siloed risk registers and paper-based processes.

Not only does this approach fail to hold up to external scrutiny, it also contributes to poor document security, inconsistent data management and time-consuming reporting. With so much variation in data capture, it’s no wonder so many risk managers struggle to get meaningful insights from their operational teams.

Consolidating risk data online

Figtree’s enterprise risk management software equips risk professionals with a scalable risk solution that helps standardise data capture and workflow processes across the enterprise. The system can be opened-up to multiple users and business units online and helps streamline data collection, escalation processes and record management at all levels.

Data integrity

By standardising and validating data upon intake – we help your organisation establish a foundation for accurate and reliable risk analysis. With improved data integrity, cloud access, real-time dashboards and automated reports, you can more effectively benchmark performance, share insights and save effort when it comes time to generate reports.

Best-practice risk intelligence

Excel spread sheet style risk registers often apply a one to one association of records and fail to deliver rich context-based risk insights. Designed around ISO 31000, our solution unifies data records across all functions – from risk context events to risk scoring, controls, actions and audits responses. With multi-level data associations and intuitive data drill-down, users can more easily click-through and expand associated records.

Integrated workflow

The solution’s workflow engine runs in the background and is designed to automate and standardise your risk management process, enforce accountability and remove risk of human error. Workflows are embedded throughout the solution, sending notification emails for upcoming, escalated or overdue tasks, and automating ongoing risk review processes. Save time through scheduled and automated report generation.

The cloud advantage

We centralise your data, expand your access and make it easier for you to capture information, track performance and connect users on any device online. Our managed software service gives you unlimited help desk access, automatic updates, 24 / 7 uptime monitoring and optimised maintenance of software patches, security enhancements and system infrastructure. 

Better risk management online

  • Cloud software offering “anywhere, anytime, any device” data capture

  • Manage controls, perform risk assessments and track risk reduction

  • Capture and communicate risk likelihood and consequence via risk matrices

  • Schedule, distribute and collect questionnaires for audits and compliance

  • Cyclical and automated reminders for risk and control reviews

  • Risk library providing reusable templates for commonly identified risks

  • Robust, single-source data-repository and framework for risk and compliance

  • Interfaces with enterprise HR data for reporting, user access and workflow

  • Ad hoc reporting from any field. Create tailored and reusable reporting templates

  • Self-service risk reports for rapid on-demand report generation

  • Live, interactive dashboard display, providing easy drill-down, data export and printing

  • Automatically run, batch and distribute reports for board meetings and reviews