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Today’s technologies have freed the office clerk from the painstaking task of spending hours working through a filing cabinet to store, sort or share information. Whether it’s claims files, medical certificates, registration documents, or invoices – it no longer makes sense for businesses to expend valuable human effort to perform mundane and repetitive tasks.


Our optical character recognition software and smart email processing solution assists your business in automating routine administrative processes, saving time and effort.



1) Automatic monitoring of incoming emails

Our email processor connects with your email inbox, to monitor and process incoming emails and documents. Files are sent to a dedicated email address, containing relevant attachment and codified subject line – triggering the email processor into action.

2) Extract and read documents using OCR

Once an email is received, your email and documents are extracted. Automatically scan and read files through OCR, or upload these directly to your documents repository. The good news is our bots never miss emails, so you needn't worry about important correspondence slipping through the cracks.

3) Automate data entry  

Connecting with enterprise or third-party applications, we can update relevant data fields that have been identified and extracted from the OCR scanning process. This works best for standardised document formats that are processed in high volumes, removing the effort of manually reading files and performing mundane data entry of system records.

4) Index and store your documentation

Finally, all documents processed are indexed and stored automatically within your documents repository, making processed documentation available for future refence or file sharing.



  • Automatically read scanned or digital forms received from email

  • Extract key fields and sending via Figtree or external system

  • Remove repetitive and manual data entry processes

  • Integrated with document management + BPM functions

  • Improved accuracy of data processing

  • A significant reduction in administrative effort and cost

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