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Figtree Systems has been providing software solutions to the life, income protection and disability insurance industry for over 15 years. Figtree Systems life insurance and disability claims management software provides unrivalled capabilities and offers an extensive breakdown of your claims activity. We work with a range of clients, including superannuation funds, third party claims administrators, all levels of government and corporations that self-insure life and disability risk.


Figtree Systems life insurance and disability claims software is focused on improving customer services by centralising the life insurance claims handling process. Connecting intermediaries and third parties with a range of documents, reporting and legacy systems with over 3,500 committed users worldwide. Figtree Systems software has gained respect from the world's leading life insurance companies.


A great advantage of Figtree Systems is its ability to adapt to the needs of claims administrators. The application can record, update, monitor and analyse claim information. Audited transactions for payments, recoveries and reserves are recorded, giving management an accurate history of financials.


  • Diary and Task management

  • Workflows process automation

  • User-friendly custom report generator

  • Letter writer with data merge facility

  • User defined data edit (validation) rules

  • Job processor

  • User security

  • Pre-defined life insurance & disability claims specific reports



  • Rapid deployment of stable software

  • Integration with external databases for efficient management of policies

  • Dedicated Case Management tracks and validates a life claim against policy specifications

  • Management receives a consolidated view of client relationships and claims activities

  • Extraction of data for regulators, authorities and third party reporting

  • Reduces administration expenses through greater control of the claim management life cycle

  • Filters third party information (beneficiary verifications, death certificates verifications, etc.) into an electronic file system

  • Proven auditing facility for data integrity

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