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Whether it’s analysing claims, managing reserves, policy coverage or reinsurance– all effective insurance decisions begin and end with an clear understanding of risk. Unfortunately, many insurance organisations fail to properly aggregate and transform data into actionable risk intelligence.


Establishing a foundation for insights begins with careful consideration as to your objectives, your available data, technology platforms and what risk intelligence you are seeking to produce now and into the future. That could include leveraging a pool of historical claims data, aggregating third party sources or integrating data feeds from enterprise, CRM, claims or policy applications.


Our consultants and developers work with you from early stage consultancy and roadmap planning, through to implementation and support, with experience and capability spanning BI consultancy and design, API management and data collection, legacy data migration, data warehouse services, custom report building, data visualisation and more.



We make sense of complex data sets by defining, developing and implementing a suite of customised reporting solutions fit for your organisation’s risk needs, working with a range of software vendors to deploy tailored solutions for data visualisation and analysis, including:

  • Automated report distribution

  • Self-service tools

  • Custom dashboards and score cards

  • Industry benchmarking with third party data

  • Claims performance management

  • Customised board reports

  • Risk exposure analysis



Done right, your risk analysis is not a static project, but an evolving piece of work that delivers a continual return on investment for your insurance operation. Insurance business leaders must back up and measure their decisions with robust quality data. By leveraging our experienced consultants and technical capability, our service delivers insurance and claims professionals with insights that drive decisions that affect your bottom line.



  • Improved visibility, analysis and forecasting of risk exposure and incident trends

  • Ability to identify and prioritise pain-points in claims administration processes

  • Improved actuarial analysis for reserve setting and cash flow projections

  • Strategic insights to inform product, policy and coverage decisions

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