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Figtree’s fleet management software delivers an integrated solution for in-house fleet professionals. The ability to easily configure Figtree has made it the preferred choice of government departments, corporations, small to large enterprises and not for profit organisations who have been able to improve their fleet management and control costs.

Our solution helps you manage purchases and disposals, registrations, driver licenses, accidents and infringements, services scheduling, tollway and fuel data collection, vendor payments and fringe benefits tax reporting. Through enterprise system integration, our solution ensures accurate transition of records to your general ledger to fast-track vendor payments.

Asset detailing

The system provides comprehensive recording of vehicle and asset data, which can be easily adjusted to your preferred fields and data requirements. Details include make, model, type and vehicle identification number, fuel capacity, engine details, GVM, GCM, service dates, replace year, purchase and disposal information and much more. Asset data can be captured via bulk upload at point of acquisition or entered manually on a per vehicle basis.

Whole of life asset management

Capture and manage acquisitions and disposals, running costs and calculate fringe benefits tax across the asset lifecycle. This system works hand in hand with fleet data to process tolls, fuel, maintenance and repair costs. Manage vendors and automatically upload an unlimited number of transactions, report on any fields and post financials to your general ledger.

Scheduled notifications

​Stay on track of your fleet with integrated alerts to drive actions and standardise your fleet management processes for key activities, including service intervals, disposal periods, driver’s license and vehicle registration expiries, insurance certificate renewals or various other client-defined notifications.  

Track and analyse performance

Reporting capability enables for comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s performance, helping to generate insights for purchase decisions, utilisation and running costs. Reporting functions include live dashboards, standard reports and an ad hoc report designer which enables tailored reports to be run at all levels of the organisation. Automation of reporting functions enables periodic reports to be run, batched and scheduled for distribution via email. 

Incidents & compliance

The recording of accidents and infringements ensures that you stay on top of risky behaviour and can expedite claims processes in the event that one of your vehicles is involved in an accident. Pre-drive safety checks can be configured into the solution and completed on mobile devices to ensure your drivers comply with OHS regulations before getting behind the wheel.  

Staying connected

Figtree works alongside your existing IT infrastructure and eliminates duplicate data handling and data entry processes. Our experienced staff have many years integrating our product with enterprise applications and web systems, fast-tracking payments and helping you to link up with payroll and HR systems.  

The cloud advantage

We centralise your data, expand your access and make it easier for you to capture information, track performance and connect users on any device online. Our managed software service gives you unlimited help desk access, 24 / 7 uptime monitoring and optimised maintenance of software patches, security enhancements and system infrastructure.