Holding Hands


Efficient claims handing is integral to any effective insurance operation. It improves customer service, lowers costs and provides comprehensive data for risk analysis. Figtree is an integrated claims management software system that helps insurance, claims and risk professionals achieve better visibility and control over all aspects of their insured risks.

One solution for claims professionals

Figtree provides a whole of lifecycle claims management software solution, covering first notice of loss, appraisals, reserve setting, investigations, treatment management, settlement, recovery and payments. The system works for both self-managed and third party claims management and covers all insurances lines, including property and casualty, liability, motor, home, marine and aviation, goods in transit, industrial special risks (ISR), professional indemnity / E & O, medical, health, travel and more.

Adapting to your risk needs

This general insurance claims management application adapts well to different risk financing and policy configurations, providing the ability to manage multi-line programs, organise local and master policies with aggregate, deductible and excess values, maintain country-wide asset and exposure lists, and manage renewals and premium allocations.

360º view of claims

Figtree reduces the administrative effort required to extract and analyse claims data – providing your teams with a 360-degree view of your claims activity and liability exposure. The system's reporting tools include live dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and on-demand report generation. Customise and automate your reporting outputs and deliver reports to your email inbox to save time and effort. 

First notification of loss intake

Configurable access controls and forms can be adjusted to you preferred lodgement processes, whether loss notifications are submitted by call centre staff or by your claimants. Claims can be lodged at at any time, location and on any device, quickly and efficiently to mitigate the risk of escalating claims costs.

  • Self-service claims lodgement

  • Web and mobile data capture

  • Pre-built templates for major lines

  • Mobile FNOL intake

  • Video and photo upload

  • GPS location capture

  • Pre-claim incident capture

Automation and streaming processes

By automating repetitive business processes, document writing, payments, email and SMS, combined with triage and workflow processing – we can help streamline your administration and remove pain-points that negatively impact your claims experience. Workflows allow claims to be processed and escalated based on your preferred conditions, including:

  • Automation of notifications, dispatch and adjuster processes after FNOL

  • Directing complex, high-risk or exceptional claims to experienced handlers

  • Eligibility determination for high volume, low-value and low-risk claims

  • Task-hand overs and notifications for key checkpoints or events


Content writing tools

By building and managing a suite of templates for emails, documents and SMS, Figtree helps you create a structured approach to communication that reduces effort and improves internal and external coordination of claims – including claim notifications, request for information, appointments, liability decisions, payment advice, invoices, renewals and much more.

Paperless filing and email processing

Our email processor and integrated optical character recognition (OCR) solution automatically monitors and reads incoming emails and attachments, such as claims forms and invoices – extracting data, indexing documents and uploading information to your claims application without manual effort. 

Working with data

Our team has decades experience converting data from third party claims applications, spreadsheets and in-house systems. We have many years integrating our product with enterprise applications and web systems, ensuring your claims application operates alongside your existing IT infrastructure, streamlining data exchange, validation and removing time- consuming data entry processes.

Security matters

Protecting your data is our priority. We use defence in depth network security and encrypt data in transit and at rest to ensure maximum security for our client’s information. We provide standard back-up processes and offer replication services for disaster recovery, with a fully configured failover environment to minimise downtime in the event of an emergency.

Our systems undergo regular penetration testing through both internal and external auditors and our main development and support functions in Sydney and London offices, along with our hosting and data centre providers, are each certified under the international management standard for information security management, ISO 27001.

Help desk and support

Nobody wants to spend time waiting for an email response. That’s why our friendly help desk staff are on hand to take your calls. From setup to testing and ongoing support – help desks are available to all clients as part of our standard maintenance and support agreement.