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Efficient claims handing is integral to any effective insurance operation. It improves customer service, lowers costs and provides comprehensive data for risk analysis. Figtree is an integrated claims management software system that helps insurance, claims and risk professionals achieve better visibility and control over all aspects of their insured risks.

Figtree Systems provides a configurable, cloud-based claims management platform. The insurance claims management system is an integrated solution that covers the full claims lifecycle, including appraisal, reserve, investigation, treatment, settlement, recovery and payment.

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The system is fully configurable and its features include workflow automation, document management, standard and ad-hoc reporting, dashboards and web-based data-capture.

By optimising these features, clients gain a range of benefits including increased productivity, lowered costs and improved risk management processes.


Figtree reduces the administrative effort required to extract and analyse claims data – providing users with a 360-degree view of claims activity and liability exposure. The system's reporting tools include live dashboards, ad-hoc reporting, and on-demand report generation. Configure and automate your reporting outputs and deliver reports to your email inbox to save time and effort.


Configurable access controls and forms can be adjusted to you preferred lodgement processes, whether loss notifications are submitted by call centre staff or by your claimants. Claims can be lodged at at any time, location and on any device, quickly and efficiently to mitigate the risk of escalating claims costs.

  • ​Self-service claims lodgement

  • Web and mobile data capture

  • Pre-built templates for major lines

  • Mobile FNOL intake

  • Video and photo upload

  • GPS location capture

  • Pre-claim incident capture

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The system is deployed across desktop devices and is accessed via secure URL-based login. As a web-based product with configurable user access, Figtree scales well to the demands of different user groups.

Key stakeholders are able to interact with the system across key points in the claims lifecycle, from data intake and file uploads to claims tracking, dashboards and reporting.

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Figtree provides a real-time view of your claim’s environment and offers a full breakdown of your reserves, estimates and recoveries. Uncover insights and drill down into the detail with a comprehensive suite of reporting tools that includes live dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and on-demand report generation. Customise and automate your reporting outputs and deliver reports to your email inbox to save time and effort.

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