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Changes to the Victorian Self-Insurers Electronic Data Transfers


WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe / WSV) is responsible for regulating the performance of employers who have been approved to be ‘self-insured’ for the purposes of workers’ compensation in and ensuring their compliance with the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2014 (WIRC Act), Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OH&S Act), Ministerial Order: Terms and Conditions of Approval as a self-insurer 2016 (Ministerial Order), and the Claims Manual.

In response to increasing interest from external stakeholders (including the Minister, Victorian Ombudsman and Victorian Trades Hall Council), the WorkSafe Strategic Plan 2021-2024 included a commitment to ‘strengthen the regulatory oversight of Victorian self-insures, by uplifting Electronic Data Transfers (EDT) and performance reporting’. The aim is to inform best practices in safety and return to work and enable WorkSafe to partner with self-insurers to improve the service they provide to injured workers, leading to better recovery and return to safe and sustainable work outcomes.

Key enhancements to the current process include:

  • Transactional Submission Focus: Showcase the transition from cumulative to transactional submission as a streamlined, efficient process saving time and effort

  • Enhanced Data Capture: Additional data elements are now required for enhanced reporting outcomes for better insights and compliance

  • Monthly Reporting Cycle: Previously quarterly, changing to a monthly cycle ensures timely updates and compliance adherence, contributing to a continuous improvement in workplace safety and regulatory compliance

  • Data Security: All submission files are encrypted and transferred directly from the vendor to the regulator, meaning a more automated approach for self-insurers

Figtree Systems have a proven track record with changes to regulatory submissions for all jurisdictions and are fully prepared for the rollout of these changes.

Summary of Figtree Workers' Compensation Solution


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