Enterprise Risk Management Software

Figtree Systems enterprise risk management software equips risk managers with a scalable risk solution that consolidates disparate data and provides a consistent workflow framework for risk reporting, analysis and control.


Despite increased scrutiny over commercial decisions, many large organisations continue to manage risk via siloed risk registers and paper-based business processes. Not only does this approach fail to hold up to external scrutiny, it also contributes to poor document security, loosely defined operational structures, time consuming reporting, and an inability to provide enterprise-level risk visibility.

Figtree Systems enterprise risk management software provides a robust management tool to capture, track and monitor your risk
  • Define external and internal risk context
  • Map each risk to department or business unit
  • Categorise risk type according to preferred terminology
  • Score risk consequence and likelihood
  • Control risk and monitor risk-reduction
  • Report on risk management activity across all levels
  • Verify due diligence to key stakeholders

Your smart risk register in the cloud 

By providing a consolidated risk repository in the cloud, Figtree Systems enables risk managers to easily capture risk anywhere, anytime, on any device. Modelled around ISO 31000, Figtree Systems software embeds best-practice, a clear task management and gap-free workflow and escalation for all stages of the risk lifecycle.

Secure your risk management process and embed risk accountability 

  • User-defined risk terminology
  • Provides recurring notifications for risk and control reviews
  • Risk records assigned a dedicated owner
  • Risk is mapped against org structure
  • Automated line manager escalation for incomplete tasks
  • Automated scheduling and distribution of questionnaires
  • Automated report writing and scheduled distribution
Assess risk at all stages of the risk lifecycle
  • Inherent risk: assesses risk when controls fail, or where no controls exist
  • Current risk: assesses risk with existing controls in place
  • Target risk: is the best case-risk score for optimal control landscape
  • Enterprise risk (optional): assesses risk at an enterprise level
Capture your controls
  • Add controls against risk assessment records
  • Link one control to multiple risks
  • Risk library for common risks and control templates
  • Monitor controls and drive action across the risk lifecycle
Mobile questionnaires
  • Customise questionnaires for compliance, audits and inspection
  • Schedule and distribute to one or many users
  • Assign questions to selected individuals
  • Intake response on any device over the web
  • Upload images and video as part of response
  • Report issues, non-conformances and follow up actions
Extensive reporting capability
  • Real-time dashboards and search grids with easy export and drill-down
  • Automatically run, batch and distribute via email at scheduled intervals
  • Tailor your preferred reporting output via the system’s ad hoc report designer
  • Easily generate reports using a suite of self-service standard reports
  • Multi-layered organisational structure
  • Export as MS Word, XML, CSV, PDF and HTML files
  • Generic upload via CSV file
Fully supported web application

Figtree Systems is a web based application accessed via URL. Our standard maintenance and support agreement covers the maintenance of hosting and cloud platform, access to the Figtree Systems help desk, and provides ongoing upgrades and maintenance of the application, hardware, infrastructure and disaster recovery systems.  

  • 24 / 7 uptime monitoring
  • Business hours help desk support
  • Rollout of upgrades, security and patches
  • Maintenance of application interfaces
  • Maintenance of backup and disaster recovery systems