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Transforming Insurance Management: A Figtree Success Story

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In the fast-paced world of insurance management, staying on top of claims, costs, and compliance can be a monumental challenge, especially for larger teams with complex responsibilities. Craig, the dedicated Insurance team lead, along with his team, found themselves in this exact situation. They were tasked with overseeing workers' compensation, motor vehicle, and public liability insurance for their council. With a team of six members, their workload was substantial, and managing this intricate web of responsibilities required a solution that could streamline processes, enhance data security, and provide insightful reporting.

The Evolution of Insurance Management: From Manual to Figtree

For over two decades, Craig's team had been utilizing Figtree for their workers' compensation needs. As councils amalgamated and responsibilities multiplied, Figtree's familiarity remained a reliable constant. However, as their responsibilities expanded to include general claims, they found themselves grappling with an outdated manual system that lacked data security and efficiency.

The tipping point came when they recognized the need for a "proper system" to manage their extensive data, especially focusing on reporting costs accurately and ensuring no transactions were overlooked. Craig's team had trust in Figtree's workers' compensation solution, which made Figtree a natural contender for their general claims needs. A recommendation from a colleague confirmed that Figtree could provide the comprehensive solution they were seeking.

Smooth Transition and Empowerment through Figtree

The transition from a rudimentary Sharepoint model to Figtree's robust insurance management system marked a turning point for Craig and his team. The ease of onboarding and the intuitive nature of Figtree's interface were evident from the start. Unlike previous experiences, no formal training was required, and the system was quick to adapt to their needs.

Chris, a pivotal member of Figtree's team, supported Craig's team through the data migration and customization process. Data fields were created seamlessly, tailored to their unique requirements. Chris's expertise ensured that every challenge was met with a solution, turning what seemed complex into something "easily done."

One standout feature that resonated with Craig and his team was Figtree's map/heat map functionality. This graphical representation provided a powerful visual summary of data across geographical locations, offering insights into claim patterns and enabling informed decision-making. For instance, when faced with a surge in pothole claims due to increased rain and flooding, the map feature enabled them to swiftly prioritize repair efforts based on real-time information.

Enhanced Decision-Making and Data Confidence

Empowered by Figtree's capabilities, Craig's team found a new level of confidence in their data and decision-making. Reporting, once a cumbersome process, became a breeze. Setting up reports yielded accurate information promptly, saving valuable time that could now be invested in drawing insights from the data rather than managing it.

The newfound confidence in their data extended to compliance and data security, especially crucial when dealing with sensitive medical information in workers' compensation claims. Figtree's adherence to data security regulations eased concerns, ensuring that personal and medical data was handled with utmost care.

Figtree Geolocation Dashboard reporting

A Bright Future with Figtree

The journey from manual spreadsheets to Figtree's comprehensive insurance management system has been nothing short of transformative for Craig's team. With Figtree, they not only managed to efficiently handle their increased workload but also gained a strategic advantage in decision-making. The ability to overlay data on a geographic map proved invaluable for prioritizing infrastructure projects and allocating budgets based on claims data.

Today, Craig and his team look back with satisfaction on their partnership with Figtree. They have embraced a solution that not only revolutionized their processes but also instilled a new level of confidence in their data. With Figtree's support, they are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of insurance management and make informed, strategic choices for their council.

In Summary

Craig's journey from the struggles of manual systems to the empowerment of Figtree's advanced insurance management solution is a testament to the power of technology in transforming business operations. Through seamless transitions, intuitive interfaces, and powerful insights, Figtree has enabled Craig's team to thrive in their challenging role. This success story reinforces the importance of investing in innovative solutions that drive efficiency, data confidence, and informed decision-making.


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